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Providing diverse risk mitigation solutions for institutional investors

We leverage our expertise in defensive equity and derivatives strategies to help institutional investors manage their overall portfolio risk.

Our current solutions include:

Hedged Equity

By combining a long S&P 500 core equity position with option-based risk mitigation techniques, our Hedged Equity Strategy seeks to systematically provide predictable downside volatility reduction while also participating in the market upside.



Participate in equity markets with reduced risk profile through employment of a disciplined options strategy


Reduces drawdown risk with systematic strategy targeted to -2 to -7% range, not purely focused on large tail-risk events


Asset allocation characteristics can be meaningfully improved by managing both volatility and correlation


Easterly EAB has a proven track record of meeting our desired risk/return objectives through multiple down-markets

Hedged Equity:
The Diversifier You Need

Improving Asset Allocation
Outcomes with Hedged Equity

Custom Solutions

In addition to our Hedged Equity Strategy, we provide customized hedging and option solutions to over 50 institutional clients. Our custom solutions include:

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